Mitch McConnell – Senate Majority Leader


OK, I am usually shunning all things political, but now I am stuck between a rock and an hard place.   Ol’ Cousin Mitch really appears to be my 9th cousin.   Our MRCA, Elizabeth White (1643-1707) tracks through my documented line.  I used to think we only had to hide the fact that Uncle Heinie was a political wheeler dealer in Ohip.   It is not that I dislike just one party or the other — I find fault with both.



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King Camp Gillette (1855-1932)


OK, first off, took a lot of ______ to name your kid KING!    This is an interesting notification because the reported pedigree that takes to our MRCA, Samuel Camp (1645-1763), I can actually verify!   Samuel is my 8 times great grandfather.   So, as long as Ancestry has not messed up on Cousin King’s pedigree, we are related!    Now I only have one thing to say: #Gillette : WHERE IS MY FAMILY DISCOUNT?  I have been using your products my entire adult life and paying retail.  That does not seem fair for the 5th cousin, 4 times removed of the company founder!!!



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Burgess Meredith (1907-1997)


Burgess Meredith is supposed to be my 5th cousin 4 times removed – our MRCA was Philip Bill (1658-1739) who Ancestry proposes to be my 8th great grandfather.  Of the pedigree they provide, I can verify only up to my 5th great grandfather, Johnathan  Simons (1759-1847).  That leaves three generations and about one hundred years not backed with supporting citations.  So, I guess the Music Man, the Penguin, and Rocky’s Ring Coach will go into the pile of “more research required” before I really claim this cousin.




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Honus Wagner (1874 – 1955)


Today’s update is Honus Wagner, major league baseball player from 1897 to 1917 (Pittsburgh Pirates).   Apparently, Honus was a nickname for Johannes.  Why not simply John?   Anyway,  the pedigree to the projected MRCA, Philip Ebelin (1562-1653) is a rather bumpy one and will require the breaking down of a number of brick walls.   Partially, this includes the assertion of the identity of my 3rd great grandmother as being Mary Miller (1815-1867).   I have never been able to confirm anything more than her first name.  So, as a secondary use of this app, it might also be used as a wrecking ball for some of the stubborn brick walls — of course, after a great deal of added research and documentation.




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..-…..-.-…. -.-.—..-…..-. ..-……-. -..–…. .-..—–…-.-..



Today’s notice was that Samuel Morse was my Fifth Cousin, Five Times Removed.  In checking just my pedigree, I can confirm back to my 7th Great Grandmother, Abigail Bellows.  Unfortunately, Ancestry has added two more generations that I cannot confirm to get back to Cousin Samuel and my MRCA, John Woods (1610-1678).    I guess I will have to add another objective to my ResearchTies project and try to confirm those last two generations.   Of course, that will be in the pile of objectives already logged…….

(Oh, the title is Morse Code for fifth cousin five times removed)


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We’re Related …



A while ago, Ancestry launched a new app that sends the pedigree charts of various famous persons which connect to your projected pedigree charts to those of us who have loaded the app.  I use the word projected because I have received 238 notifications to date.   Of these 238, I have been able to confirm what Ancestry claims is my pedigree for 29 persons to match:

  1. Elvis Presley
  2. Lucille Ball
  3. Helen Keller
  4. Taylor Lautner
  5. Richard Gere
  6. Warren Buffett
  7. Chevy Chase
  8. Vincent Minnelli
  9. Kevin Costner
  10. Dick Chaney
  11. Otis Redding
  12. James A Garfield
  13. Herbert Hoover
  14. Spencer Tracy
  15. Humphrey Bogart
  16. Charles Dickens
  17. Robert Mitchum
  18. Meg Whitman
  19. George Eastman
  20. Bruce Forsyth
  21. Harry P Langdon
  22. Lee Marvin
  23. Rutherford B Hayes
  24. Herbert Dow
  25. Charles Fairbanks
  26. Norma Talmadge
  27. Howard Hughes
  28. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
  29. Samuel Colt

Now, it should not be a stretch, but I am still waiting to find out if Liza Minnelli is related (after all, her father is my 8th cousin, once removed).  I must admit, I did have to Google a number of these persons (not to mention the other 209) to find out who they heck they were.

Of the 238, I have found 2 that Ancestry is projecting a totally WRONG pedigree.  I have no idea where they came up with the relationship.  They assign Parent / Child relationships where I have proof they did not exist (to the point of claiming a birth three months before a documented birth).  And then there are the famous person pedigree charts that show ancestors that procreated at the age of 1 or 2 years old.  Ancestry is obviously picking up some strange trees because they also have persons in the 16th and 17th centuries as PRIVATE.  This designation is usually reserved for the living.  I do not think these qualify unless they are part of the new culture of the living-dead.  Maybe Zombies are real!!

Anyway, this is just a catch up on the use of the app.  More to follow as they come in.

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Many Christmas Joys … 1916


Many Christmas Joys be with you.  6620.

Post marked Redford, Mich,  Dec. 29, 1916.  Addressed to Mrs. Effie L. [Lee] Weaver, 92 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Mich.

“Dear Effie,  This is all the cards we have and I must send you one to be sure you get word that G.C. is home but perhaps you already know.  A Happy New Year.  Ettie [Marietta Lee Wright]”

I cannot be sure who Aunt Ettie – Great Grandmother Effie Lee Weaver’s sister, is referring to as G.C., but the only close relative with those initials is their common brother-in-law, George Churches, the husband of their sister, Ora Lee Churches.

It is with a bit of sadness and a great deal of relief that I post this entry.   It is the final post card in Grandpa Lee’s [Lee Norton Goodliff Weaver] collection.  I started posting one a day, over a year ago.  I have learned a great deal about all my relatives and the early 20th century way of communication.   Thank you Grandpa!

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