Happy 100th Birthday, Aunt Leila!

leila weaver 2 mo

Leila Marie Weaver – 2 months

It was 100 years ago, on 22 October 1919, that my Aunt, Leila Marie Weaver, was born on Tireman Avenue, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, to Lee Goodliff and Florence Marie Koontz Weaver.   She was born in the upper unit of her grandparents Weaver’s duplex where her parents were living.  Aunt Leila’s name was derived from her father’s first name which also happened to be his mother’s family name.

Leila was four years older than my mother and the two were typical siblings.   Stories of a fish slapped across a younger sister’s face and of a cherry pie being heaved across the dining room at the same face surfaced at various times.   The former caused a lifelong aversion to fish, the later did not seem to have the same impact with cherry pie.  In fact, as that story goes, after my mother ducked and it hit the floor, they scraped it up and quite enjoyed it.

Aunt Leila married my Uncle Andy in 1944 and the two had two children.  Aunt Leila passed away in 1977.


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Happy 225th Birthday, Uncle Chauncey!


From the Bible of Mary Sommers Lee

It was 225 years ago, 17 October 1794, that my third great granduncle, Chauncey Lee was born in Guilford, Connecticut, to William and Mary Summers Lee.  Chauncey was the eldest of the 8 children; the first four born in Connecticut; the last four born in New York.  The family migrated to Michigan in the early 1820s, settling in Oakland County.  Uncle Chauncy died 19 February 1825 in Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan, at the age of 30.  I have found no records of he having married.

The above page is from the Bible kept by his mother, Mary Lee.

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It took 20 years, but I finally got it done!

PublishedMy second cousin, once removed, Elizabeth Mae Sturman Sadlier, gave me the the manuscripts of the records of the Jenks family reunions from 1911 through 1927 back in 1997.  I transcribed them and let them “age”.  I have finally gotten around to reviewing them, editing them, and sending them out to print with additional photographs and with five generations of the Laban and Prudence White Jenks family enumerated. 

This is a history of the family of Laban and Prudence who migrated from New York to Oakland County, Michigan, in 1820 and a snapshot of early life in Oakland County, Michigan.

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Happy 152nd Birthday, Cousin Mary Lee!

My first cousin, 3 times removed, Mary Lee was born 152 years ago on 14 October 1867, in Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan, to George H. and Julia Waters Lee.  Mary was the third and final child in birth order of her parents offspring — both older siblings were brothers: Frank (1860) and Henry (1866).   In all of the census reports through 1930, Mary appears living with her parents and then, after their death, with her brother, Frank.  I have found no records that Mary ever wed.

Mary died in 1933.

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Happy 339th, Grandfather Smith!

339 years ago, 12 October 1680, in Providence, Rhode Island, my 7 times great grandfather, Joseph Smith was born to  Edward and Anphillis Angell Smith. Joseph married Patience Mowrey, daughter of Nathaniel and Joannah Inman Mowrey, in 1706, also in Providence, Rhode Island.  I only have record of one child, their son, Jacob (1706) [my 6 times great grandfather].  This is the ancestral line of Jesse Jenks’ mother, Mary Smith.  Jesse is ancestor I was able to use for membership into the Sons of the American Revolution.  Joseph’s father, Edward Smith was born 3 April 1636, also in Providence, Rhode Island.  His grandparents, Christopher and Alice Smith migrated from Lancaster, England prior to 1636!

Grandfather Joseph Smith died on 17 February 1734, in Providence, Rhode Island. 

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Happy 142nd Anniversary Uncle David and Aunt Anne!

142 years ago, 11 October 1877, in Perry County, Ohio, David Shreider Weaver and Anne Neusome were married.  David was my great granduncle, brother of my great grandfather, Lemuel Weaver.  I have very little information about Uncle David and Aunt Anne.  They were the parents of four children, all born in Monroe, Perry County, Ohio: Rosella Blanche (1878), Elmo H (1881), Otto P. Ollopardee (1887), and Carter Dudley (1892).

Well, that is I know little other than they seemed to have a bit of fun with their children’s names.  It appears to be a tradition.  David’s parents landed the name George Adam Hempleman on his younger brother.  Maybe it was the mother’s way of saying “the end” but it appears, in both cases, it meant, just one more since these names were given to the next to the last in birth order.

David passed away in 1909.  Anne lived until 29 April 1939.

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Happy 130th Birthday, Aunt Ethel!


It was 130 years ago, 9 October 1889, in Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana, that my Grandaunt, Ethel Jeannette Koontz was born to Casmear P. and Phebie Ann Gardner Koontz.  Aunt Ethel was the second in birth order of C.P. and Phebie’s children and is pictured. above, with her older sister, Essie.  The picture always hung in my grandparents’ bedroom, but it wasn’t until after I had inherited it from my mother and taken it out of its frame that I found out who the two children were in the picture.   As a child I had always assumed it was a picture of my mother and her older sister — BAD ASSUMPTION!  Maybe I should have asked Grandma!

Aunts Essie and Ethel came to Ohio with their parents — OK, they were a little young not to make the trip since the family had relocated by 1895 when their younger sister, my grandmother, was born in Columbus.  Aunt Ethel married Charles McKinley Griste on 23 October 1913, in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.  The pair were the parents of four children: Charles Gardner (1914), Dorothy Jane (1918), Mary Elizabeth (1920), and Phyllis Ann (1923).

Aunt Ethel passed away on 3 January 1969.  Uncle Charles soon followed on 24 June 1969.  Both are interred in Sunset Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

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