A Dead Shot – 1910


A Dead Shot

Post marked Columbus, Ohio, Mar 4, 1910.   Addressed to Mr. Lemuel Weaver, #94 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Michigan.

“Columbus, O.   March 4, 1910.  Hellow what is the matter up there have you all been snowed under and cant write.  I think it about time I was hearing something, well are you going to send Lew [ Charles Louis Weaver, their brother whose birthday was 6 March] a card it is the 6.  Hope you are all well.  I have had the Grip for two weeks am feeling better but not well yet.  My what a winter for snow.  Hope we wont have any more for a while.  Yours,  Christeen Rinehart [Christiana Weaver, his older sister]”

It seems Aunt Teen was giving Great Grandpa what for on many levels.  First for not writing.  Second to make sure that he remembered to send their brother a card on his birthday.  And third, to let him know that she had not been well (notice the calling out of the GRIP as a disease) — as if he cared — GUILT!  And the choice of post card picture sort of says it all.




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