Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving – 1908


Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving. International Art Publ. Co. New York Berlin.  Printed in Germany.

Post marked Columbus, Ohio.  Nov.18, 1908.  Addressed to Mr. Lee Weaver, Tireman St. Cor. Scotten Ave., Detroit, Mich.

“Dear Lee, I heard you are as tall as Mrs. R. If you would see me you would think me a peanut. I am about 5 ft. 7 in.   How is that for height?  Ans. soon.  Florence Koontz”

I have no idea who Mrs. R. was or how tall she was.  Grandpa Lee was 6′ 1″.  Apparently, Grandma’s 5′ 7″ was fine with him.  About ten years after this card was sent, they married.





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