New Years Greeting – 1912


New Years Greeting ©D.G. No. 42

Post marked Redford, Mich.  Dec. 28, 1912.  Addressed to Mrs. Effie [Lee] Weaver, 94 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Mich.

“Effie, we are going to Saginaw.  Steve [Stephen A. D. Wright] and I will go Tues. of Wed. morning.  Will go from Detroit,  Hope you will go with us.  Ettie [Marietta Lee Wright]”    [Then across the top of the card] “Lee, the dance at Farmington is Tuesday night”

Aunt Ettie was Great Grandma Weaver’s sister.  The trip to Saginaw was probably to visit their Aunt Alta.    The note to Grandpa Lee was probably from Ettie’s and Steve’s daughter, Stella.



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