Gateway, Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus – 1919


Gateway, Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.  21504N.  Pub. by W. S. Harriman, Columbus, Ohio.

Post marked Columbus, Ohio. Aug 9, 1919.  Addressed to Mr. Lee Weaver, 92 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Mich.

“I’ll send the name and address of that that [sic.] fellow last of next week or first of next or you send me that paper and I’ll send it to him.  Herm.      I got my keys.”

Timing in the note does not make a lot of sense – last of next or first of next, but that is what Herm wrote.    The only Herman I find in the family is Uncle Bill’s  [William P. Koontz] brother in law, Herman Chidester, in Columbus at the time.




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