Many Christmas Joys … 1916


Many Christmas Joys be with you.  6620.

Post marked Redford, Mich,  Dec. 29, 1916.  Addressed to Mrs. Effie L. [Lee] Weaver, 92 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Mich.

“Dear Effie,  This is all the cards we have and I must send you one to be sure you get word that G.C. is home but perhaps you already know.  A Happy New Year.  Ettie [Marietta Lee Wright]”

I cannot be sure who Aunt Ettie – Great Grandmother Effie Lee Weaver’s sister, is referring to as G.C., but the only close relative with those initials is their common brother-in-law, George Churches, the husband of their sister, Ora Lee Churches.

It is with a bit of sadness and a great deal of relief that I post this entry.   It is the final post card in Grandpa Lee’s [Lee Norton Goodliff Weaver] collection.  I started posting one a day, over a year ago.  I have learned a great deal about all my relatives and the early 20th century way of communication.   Thank you Grandpa!


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