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Remembering Great Grandfather Weaver

It was on this date, 11 May, 90 years ago, in 1929, that Great Grandfather Weaver passed away. Lemuel Weaver was born 26 August 1857 in Perry, Ohio, to Goodliff Weaver (nee: Gottlieb Weber) and Anne Lane.  He worked at … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa!!

  Lee G. Weaver and Florence M. Koontz were married in Columbus, Ohio, on 27 April 1918.  This would have been their 101st anniversary.  Grandma and Grandpa were devoted to each other throughout their lives and were the parents of … Continue reading

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Happy 273rd, Grandfather Munn!

Noah Munn, Sr., my 5 times great grandfather, was born 17 April 1746 in Deerfield, Massachusetts to John and Mary Holton Munn.  Grandfather married Desire Hitchcock on 7 December 1769 in Brimfield, Massachusetts.  The two were the parents of eight:  … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Grandma Koontz!

Phebie Ann Gardner was born 156 years ago on October 19, 1862, in Falls Village, Connecticut to William G. [Wilhelm Gotthardt] and Mary Ann Cummings Gardner [Gaertner].  Great grandmother Koontz was the oldest child of great great grandmother Gardner and … Continue reading

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Uncle Heinie Died 20 August 1970 —

  Uncle Heinie was Grandma Florence’s youngest brother.  He stayed in the family hometown of Columbus, Ohio after graduating in Pharmacy from OSU and eventually opened his own Drug Store.   Uncle Heinie married twice.  The first time to Helen Reed … Continue reading

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Great Grandparent Koontz 131st Anniversary!

It was 131 years ago (August 9, 1885) that my great grandparents, Casmear P. Koontz – call me C.P. – and Phebie Ann Gardner were married in Noble, Indiana.  The photo above was taken with the all five of their … Continue reading

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New Direction …

OK, even I am tired of the We’re Related endless start, stop, restart, and trying to figure out what bad trees they are basing their predictions of relationship upon.  The final straw was today’s notice the Ron Howard was my … Continue reading

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