Happy 310th Birthday, Cousin Abiah!

24 January 1710, in Milford, Connecticut, my first cousin, 8 times removed, Abiah Botsford was born to Timothy and Mary Peck Botsford.  Abiah only lived less than one year, but his name is what caught my interest in the “Now that is an odd thing to name your child” category.  Of course, that is with 21st century bias.  It was probably quite common in the early 18th century.    I had to Google (yes, it officially a verb) the name to find out:

“Abiah is a Biblical name that appears for both female and male figures. It may be considered the same as the name Abijah in the Bible; one female Abijah was a queen and ancestor of Christ. Abiah may also be considered a relative of the Arabic name Abia. However you spell or pronounce it — a – BY -a or a – BEE – a — this name can be an original way to the nickname Abi.”

So, in the 18th century, when it was very common to assign Biblical names to children, Cousin Abiah would have been just one of the kids.

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Remembering Great Great Grandfather Koontz.

113 years ago, 21 January 1907, my great great grandfather, Ezra Peter Koontz, passed away in Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana.  Grandfather Koontz was born 15 May 1832, in Navarre, Stark County, Ohio, and migrated westward to Indiana.  It was in Markle, Huntington County, Indiana, that he married my great great grandmother, Mary Ann Allen on 15 April 1855.  They were the parents of five children:  Huntington (1854-1856), Ephriam (1855), Casmear P. (1857) [my great grandfather], Harriett Honora J (1859), and Orrin DeForest (1862).  Grandmother Koontz died on 7 September 1864 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.   Grandfather remarried on 29 December 1867 to Mary Anna Sibert.   With his second wife, he had two more children:  Phineas H (1869) and Ezra B (1871).

From the Ligonier Leader on 31 January 1907:

Obituary — Ezra P. Koontz

“Ezra Peter Koontz was born at Navarre, Ohio, May 15, 1832. He came to Indiana in 1846, walking from Ft.Wayne to Ligonier where he was engaged in manufacturing of chairs for a year or more. He went to Markle, Ind., where he was married to Mary Ann Allen April 11, 1853. To this union was born four children: Ephraim R., who died in infancy; Casmear P. of Columbus, O., Harriet H. J. Smith of Port Clinton, O., Orrin D. of Glenville, Minn,

“In 1863 he moved to Huntington, Ind., remaining there a year. He then moved to Ft. Wayne, Ind. where on Sept 7, 1864, the wife and mother answered the devine summons from this life here to a life of the blessed, beyond this world of pain. After the death of his wife he removed to Navarre, O., leaving the motherless children with their grandmother. He soon returned to Indiana, settling in Ligonier in the spring of 1865, where he engaged in the manufacture of furniture for thirty years.

“He was married to Mary Anna Sibert in Ligonier, Ind., Dec 29, 1867. To this union there were three children born: Phineas H., who died at the age of six years; Ezra B. E. of Savage, Neb, Geo D. of Chicago, Ill.

“The children were all present the funeral except one, who arrived later.

“Mr. Koontz answered the roll call on Monday morning at 4 o’clock, Jan 21, 1907, aged 74 years, 8 months, and 6 days. The lamp of this temporal life went out, but to be relighted on the shores of God’s eternal bliss.

“Those present from a distance were: Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Koontz, Columbus, O.; Dr. Sirvenius [Sylvanis] Koontz, Roanoke, Ind.; Mr. Wm. Koontz, Roanoke, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Koontz, Milford, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Tuff and daughter, Gladys, Kendallville, Ind.; Messrs Harry and Herman Smith, Port Clinton, O.

Card of Thanks

“We desire to than the friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted us during the sickness and death of husband and father.

Mrs. E. P. Koontz and Children”

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Happy 205th Birthday, Uncle David!

17 January 1815, 205 years ago, in Klein Ingersheim, Würtemburg, my great great granduncle, Johann David Gaertner was born to Alexander Gaertner and Christina Regina Bauer.  Uncle David only lived 2 years and passed away 14 April 1817.   He was the first born of Alexander and Regina’s 12 children.  My great great grandfather, Wilhelm Gotthardt Gaertner (aka William G. Gardner) was number 12 and the first to leave Würtemburg and come to the United States in 1853.

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198th Anniversary of Uncle Georg and Aunt Katherina.

On 15 January 1822, in the Evangelish, Schoemberg, Schwarzwaldkreis,Würtemberg, my great great grandfather’s older brother, Johann Georg Weber married Eva Katharina Kusterer.  They were the parents of three children:  Sabastian, Regina Anna, and Louisa.

My research shows that Uncle Georg came to the United States with Great Great Grandfather, Gottlieb (aka Goodliff), their sister, Chistianana, and their father Johann Adam.  I admit to being remiss in tracking the travels of any but my direct line.   Grandfather Adam Weber must have returned to Württemburg since he died there on 6 November 1849.  I have no record if Aunt Katharina accompanied Uncle Georg to America.

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156th Anniversary of Great Great GrandAunt & Uncle Rowe

On 9 January 1864, in Oakland County, Michigan, Emily J. Lee, daughter of Horatio Lee and Hannah Munn, married Frederick Rowe.  I have very little information on my Aunt and her husband.   They were the parents of two sons:  Carl (1865) and Henry (1867).  Both boys were born in Missouri.  Aunt Emily passed away on 6 October 1888.  Uncle Frederick died on 13 February 1919.  Both were interred in the Lee family plot in the Southfield Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan.   Their information was incorporated on the family obelisk.


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Big Wedding Day for the Ancestors

8 January seems to have been a favorite day for a number of my ancestors to wed.

In 1595 [425 years ago in England], John Jenks, son of William and Alicia Jenks, married Sarah Fulwater, daughter of Henry and Margaret Fulwater.  John and Sarah were my 10th great grand parents.  John and Sarah were the parents of Joseph Jenks, the inventor, that came to America in 1635 to establish the Iron Works at Saugus, Massachusetts.

In 1726 [294 years ago in Smithfield, Rhode Island), Jacob Smith, son of Joseph Smith and Patience Mowrey, married Dinah Harris.  Jacob and Dinah were my 6th great grandparents.  Jacob and Dinah were the parents of Mary Smith who wed Jesse Jenks, my Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestor that I used for entry into the Sons of the American Revolution.

In 1751 [269 year ago], Mark Hotchkiss, son of Joseph Hotchkiss and Hannah Cruttenden, married Miriam Lee, daughter of Joseph Lee and Lois Pond.  Mark and Miriam were also my 6th great grandparents.   Mark and Miriam were the parents of William Lee who, with his wife, Mary Summers, and their children, brought the Lee family to Oakland County, Michigan in the early 1820s.

The trail ends there.  At lease, the recorded trail.

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Happy 214th Birthday, Great Great Grandfather Weaver!

7 January 1806, in Stuttgart, Württemberg, Gottlieb Weber was born to Johann Adam Weber and Anna Barbara Holzäpfel.   Gottlieb was the second of five children.  He immigrated to America with his father, brother, Johann Georg,  and sister, Christiana in 1827.  They first settled in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Gottlieb met and married Anne Lane, the daughter of Richard and Mary Gayer Lane, on 29 January 1835, in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Soon after the marriage, Gottlieb Weber became Goodliff Weaver.

The couple were the parents of 12 children:  Mary Ann (1836-1836), Roseanah (1837) [both born in Washington Co, PA), William Powell (1840) [Monroe Twp, Morgan Co, Ohio], Elizabeth Jane (1842) [she and the rest of the children were born in Perry County, Ohio], Margaret Anne (1844), Charles Louis (1847), Christiana (1849), David Shreider (1855), Jasper P (1855), Lemuel (1857) [my great grandfather], George Adam Hempleman (1861), and Eric (1864-1864).

Grandfather passed away on 15 November 1864, on month after Eric.  Both Eric and Grandmother Anne died during Eric’s birth on 14 October 1864.  Both grandparents are interred in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Rendville, Perry County, Ohio.

It is after Grandfather Goodliff Weaver that my grandfather, Lee Norton Goodliff Weaver, was given one of his middle names — and the one he kept into adulthood.

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