The rain finally stopped, so part 2 …

Made it to Acacia Park Cemetery with all of the peonies from Grandmother Weaver’s plant that had bloomed — the rain had been constant and I was sure the blooms were going to be destroyed.   But, there were enough to fill both urns:

2019-06-06 13.16.54

Shaul marker in foreground.

2019-06-06 13.17.04

Weaver marker in foreground

The cemetery grounds themselves were quite swamp-like.  But, ….

I then did that bucket list item and headed over to Berg Road in Southfield to the house that Morris Jenks built in 1851, looking to see if the same peony bush was present.  I knocked, no answer.  I looked both in front and back and, unfortunately, no sign of a peony bush of any variety.

2019-06-06 13.40.39

Berg Road House — The Jenks Place. aka the Lee Place, aka Deer Lick Farm

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Heirlooms and Family – Sometimes It Gets Complicated ….

2019-06-04 13.15.26

Great Grandmother’s Peony Bush

June 4, 2019, and Great Grandmother Weaver’s Peony Bush is blooming right on schedule — at least on the schedule I remember my mother defining for it.   The bush was at Great Grandmother’s house on Tireman in Detroit; it was split and moved to my Grandparents’ house on Steel in Detroit; it was split again and moved to my parents house in Lincoln Park; and it was split again and was moved to my house in Novi.  I have always meant to get back to the Lee home on Berg Road in Southfield to see if the same variety was there as well so that I could presume that Great Grandmother took a cutting from her parents’ plant and we could go back even further.

Mom would take blooms from her plant to Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit to Great Grandmother’s grave each year.  Some also went to Grandpa’s at Acacia Park since his passing in 1970.

This is a bitter sweet event since the plant coming into full  bloom is very close to my mother’s birthday — today would have been her 96th.   Then 38 years ago, we had another family event, my grandmother, Mom’s mother, died on this date.  Not a good omen as we were planning on meeting to celebrate Mom’s birthday and instead met to discuss the arrangements for Grandma’s funeral.  Every since then we sort of never planned to celebrate on anyone’s actual birthday.  Just to keep the family jinx going, my father’s mother suffered a fatal stroke on his birthday (She did not pass away until the next day).

Grandma and Grandpa share a headstone, they both got the donation of Peony blossoms from Mom.  Mom and Pop share a headstone adjacent to Grandma and Grandpa.  So I will be making my annual delivery in a day or two…..



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Happy 202nd, Great Great Grandmother Weaver!

On 3 June 1817, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, my great great grandmother, Anna Lane was born to Richard and Mary Gayer Lane.  Settling near the Lane family was the German immigrant, Gottlieb Weber, who became Goodliff Weaver as his stay in the United States continued.   Anna and Goodliff married on 29 January 1835, still in Washington County, Pennsylvania.   In all the pair produced a even dozen children.  The first two were born while the couple (and Anne’s parents and siblings) still resided in Pennsylvania:  Mary Ann (1836) and Roseanah (1837).   Between the birth of Rose and the next child, both the Weaver and Lane families relocated to Perry County, Ohio.  It is there that the remaining 10 children were born:  William Powell (1840), Elizabeth Jane (1842), Margaret Anne (1844), Charles Louis (1847), Chirstiana (1849), David Shreider (1855), Jasper P (1855), Lemuel (1857) [my great grandfather], George Adam Hempleman (1861), and Eric (1864).    I have the Weaver Family Bible where all of this is recorded — including the very inventive names given some of the children.

Grandmother died 14 October 1864 and Grandfather followed 15 November of the same year.  Both are laid to rest in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Rendville, Perry County, Ohio.


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Dear Aunt Ora, What were your parents thinking?

It was 145 years ago, 29 May 1874, in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan, that my grandfather’s Aunt Ora was born to Charles Norton and Esther Jenks Lee.  Yes, that makes her full name Ora Lee.   Now, say it out loud!  What were they thinking with the choice of name?  Or, is this where I get my off the wall sense of humor?  If so, thank you great great grandparents Lee!

Ora Lee, youngest daughter of Charles and Esther Jenks Lee, and George W. Churches [ed note: brother of Robert Richard Churches, husband of Ora’s sister, Myra] were married September 2, 1897, at Pontiac, Michigan by the Rev. Mr. Pillsbury. Their only attendants were Mrs. Pillsbury and Miss Bernice Green. The bride’s dress was light gray serge with trimmings of lace and pale blue ribbons. They are the parents of three daughters, Pearl Geneva born February 21, 1899, Erma Lorene – July 29, 1906, and Ella Madelene – June 25, 1913. Pearl, the oldest, was married August 5, 1921, to Mr. Orthaldo Miller of Redford and is very happily situated in a lovely home a few doors south of her mother’s. Madelene, the youngest, made her appearance as reunion baby at our third reunion. At the 13th reunion she entertained the company with several readings which were highly enjoyed by all present. She, with Erma Lorene, help make the folks and home happy on Philbrick Ave, Redford, Michigan.   – Eva Seymour Jenks [Family Historian]

Aunt Ora passed away on 23 April 1953 and was interred at Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit,  Uncle George lived until 29 December 1960, and in interred next to Aunt Ora.


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Happy 226th Anniversary Grandparents Lee

On 27 May 1793, William Lee and Mary Summers, my four times great grandparents, were wed in Guilford, Connecticut.  Their union produced 8 children:  Chauncey (1794), William (1796), Harvey (1798), Horatio (1800) [my three times great grandfather], Mary Ann (1804) [by this time the family had removed West Bloomfield, Ontario, New York], George (1806), Richard (1808) [who eventually migrated with the family to Michigan and then on to Utah and California], and Norman (1811).

The family migrated to Michigan in the early 1820s, with William and Mary settling in Farmington, Oakland County.  Both William and Mary are buried in Quaker Cemetery, Farmington, Michigan [Headstones restored in 2018]:

William Lee died June 1, 1840 aged 69 year 10 months.

Mary – wife of William Lee died May 8, 1860, aged 86 years


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384 Years Ago in Charlestown, Massachusetts

It was 384 years ago, 26 May 1635, in Charlestown, in the Colony of Massachusetts, that my nine times great grandparents, William Sprague and Millicent Eames were wed.   Both William and Millicent were born in England – William on 26 October 1609 in Upway, Dorsetshire; and Millicent in 1615 in St. George, Fordington, Dorsetshire.

William came to North America with his brother [Ralph] in 1628. … settled in Hingham in 1636.  Both of Millicent’s parents died in Marshfield, Massachusetts, so the family may have migrated together.

In the Colony of Massachusetts, the two had 11 children: Anthony William (1635), John (1638), Samuel (1640), Elizabeth (1641), Jonathan (1642), Persis (1643), Joanna (1644), Jonathan (1648) [my 8 times great grandfather], Mary (1652), William (1653), and Hannah (1654).

Grandfather Sprague died on 26 October 1675, in Hingham, Massachusetts.  Grandmother Sprague died on 8 February 1696, also in Hingham.  Both were buried there.

This is the ancestral line of my Jenks family who connect through Sprague descendant, Patience Sprague [my 7 times great grandmother] who married William Jenks [5 times great grandfather].


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249th Anniversary of the marriage of William Lee and Eunice Hotchkiss

On 23 May 1770, in Guilford, Connecticut, William Lee and Eunice Hotchkiss were married.  These were my five times great grandparents.  Grandfather was a tanner by trade and he also served as a Private in the Revolutionary Army in Connecticut.  I am applying for a supplemental Sons of the American Revolution entry with him as my ancestor.

He and Grandmother had eight children:  William (1771) [my 4 times great grandfather], Reuben (1773), Tim (1775), Charles (1777), Sarah (1782), Elon (1786), Charles (1788) [his same named brother died the previous year], and Jonathan.   As is apparent, child bearing took a break during the war!

Both grandparents lived out their lives in Connecticut, Grandfather died on 29 April 1795, and Grandmother on 27 February 1827.    It was their son, William, who started the family migration that eventually settled in Oakland County, Michigan.

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