And more of the Quaker Cemetery …

A number of my family members were buried in Quaker Cemetery in Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan.   Beyond my 4 times great grandparents:


Norman Lee

Norman Lee, born Nov. 28, 1811.  Died Jan. 5, 1885.  Asleep in Jesus.     Uncle Norman was the son of William and Mary.


Lemuel Botsford

Lemuel Botsford died Dec 20, 1868 aged 80 yrs, 3 mos & 23 days.   Uncle Lemuel was the father of Milton Clarence Botsford who took over and renamed the Botsford Inn in Farmington, Michigan.  The Inn became a gathering place for the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone.


Lucy Smith Botsford

Lucy, wife of Lemuel Botsford died Aug. 13, 1854, aged 62 Yrs & 9 Months.


Mary Ann Eddy Botsford

Mary Ann wife of Orville Botsford [son of Lemuel and Lucy] died Aug 21, 1845 AE 18 yrs 5 mo & 14 ds.

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New Direction …

OK, even I am tired of the We’re Related endless start, stop, restart, and trying to figure out what bad trees they are basing their predictions of relationship upon.  The final straw was today’s notice the Ron Howard was my latest cousin — he was also the first person they reported well over a year ago when it started.    So, I am going to take this blog to a new direction.

Today, I want to send a big THANK YOU and Shout Out to the City of Farmington Historical Commission and the Farmington Genealogical Society.   Last year they took on the task of cleaning up the gravestones in the Quaker Cemetery in Farmington — one of the oldest in the county.   My four times great grandparents, William Lee and Mary Sommers Lee are buried there along with other family members.

The stones BEFORE:



William Lee (stone on ground) [before]


William (fallen stone) and Mary Sommers Lee [before]


Mary Sommers Lee [Before]

And now, after they were restored:


William Lee


Mary Sommers Lee


William and Mary Sommers Lee

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Gloria Steinem – WOW!


Gloria Steinem is reported as my 8th cousin, twice removed, through our MRCA, Johannes Steinbach (1618-1681).   Yet, each of our next generation is defined as Johann Jacob Steinbach (1640-1727) and Johannes Steinbach (1640-1727).  Now unless these two were twin brothers and happened to also die the same year, I would venture the guess they were the same person and Cousin Gloria and I might be closer related.   Someone did not even do a reasonable check within the app.

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Henry Ford – can I get a Mustang wholesale?


So, Henry Ford is my 6th cousin, 5 times removed?  Report # 427 even has our MRCA being Deacon William Ford (1604-1676), the 4 times great grandfather of my 4 times great grandmother, Esther Clark, and the furthest documented ancestor I have in that lineage.  The line for Henry is pure Paternal.  But, way back when We’re Related started, in Report # 14, I was informed that Henry and I were 7th cousins, 4 times removed, through our MRCA, Jane Powyes (1600-1677), the proposed grandmother of Mehitable Holbrook, my documented 8 times great grandmother.  Unfortunately, they stated grandmother Holbrook’s father was John (1617-1699), and I have documentation that he was William (1620-1699).  John and William might be brothers and Jane their mother?  I need to research.

So, I guess no Family Plan for me, any way, not yet.

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Cole Porter .. ♪ ♫


Report # 426 has Cole Porter as my 8th cousin, twice removed, through our MRCA, Mary Levett [married to Elder John White (1600-1713), the 3 times great grandparents of Esther Clark, my 4 times great grandmother and the furthest documented ancestor I have in that lineage.

Quite a while ago, We’re Related, in Report # 199, showed cousin Cole as my 8th cousin, twice removed, through our MRCA, John Stevens (1603-1670), my 9th great grandfather and fully documented in my lineage.  The only question that comes up, and it is just a question, deals with Cole’s early ancestor, John Cole (1641-1689). He is reported to be the son of Mary Stevens (1627-1700).   He would have been born when his mother was 14!  Not impossible.  But questionable.

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Johnny Cash – man in black, yellow and orange!


Report #425 has Johnny Cash as my 9th cousin through our MRCA, Magdalena Essig (1615-1680), the proposed 5th great grandmother of my great great grandmother (and current brick wall) Mary Ann Allen (1836-xxxx). The surnames imply a need to dig through German church records — not a major task as long as the LDS church has been there!!

Many months ago, in Report # 27,  cousin  John showed up as a 9th cousin, once removed, through our MRCA, Elizabeth Kinsey (1615-1714), the proposed 3 times great grandmother of my 4 times great grandfather,Samuel Lane 1769-xxxx) – also a brick wall.  This lineage appears to be British instead of German.  For cousin John, both are for his father’s line.

I guess I might need to walk a couple of lines!


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Brad Paisley – – yo, cousin?


# 424 reports that Brad Paisley is my 8th cousin, once removed, through our MRCA, Hannah Brown, the great great grandmother of Abner Cummings (1802-1848), my 3 times great grandfather, my brick wall, the end of my documentation in that lineage.

But, many months ago, We’re Related also informed in on # 252 that Brad and I were 10th cousins, once removed, through our MRCA, William Ballard (1603-1689), my 9 times great grandfather.  I would have staked this out as a definite except Brad’s lineage has his 8 times great grandfather marked PRIVATE — really!  Privacy concerns for someone who has been dead since the early 1700s!   So, if Mr. Private ever shows himself, I might move Brad the the actual Cuz column.

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