Congratulations – 1919


Congratulations.  My greetings to you and your baby.  May it grow and prosper and bring you constant joy.   Made in U.S.A.

No post mark [not mailed]  Addressed to Mrs. Florence [Koontz] Weaver, #92 Tireman Ave, Detroit, Michigan

“From Lydia DuBois M.E.C. 55 Yale Ave Col. O.”

Short and to the point.  On the birth of Florence’s and Lee’s first child, Leila Marie Weaver in October, 1919.



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We know you’re delighted


We know you’re delighted to hear, and we are delighted to tell of the wonderful cherub-baby that’s come to our home to dwell  Worth more than gold or any worldly stuff, we’ll write the name below, if we find one good enough.    Copyright 1909 by Sandford Card Co. , Dansville, N.Y.

No post mark.  Addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Weaver

“Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Wood”

Not sure which of the Weaver family is being notified (Great Grandparents or Grandparents) but it appears Mr. and Mrs. Wood had not settled on a name that was good enough for their new offspring since there is nothing written on the front.



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Easter Wishes – 1907


Easter Wishes.  Raphael tuck & Sons  “Easter Post Cards”  Art publishers to their Majesties the King & Queen.    Printed in Germany.

Post marked Columbus, Ohio.  Mar 29, 1907.  Addressed to Mr. Lee Weaver, Tireman Ave. Corner Scotten Ave, Detroit, Michigan.

No message.  No signature.

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Easter Greetings – 1909


Easter Greetings.  212. 

Post marked Redford, Mich.  Apr 12, 1909.  Addressed to Mr. Lee Weaver, 94 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Mich.

“Apr 11, 09    How are the folks?  Grandma [Esther Jenks Lee] is better.  Was glad to hear that you got your place all right.  How is your Ma [Effie Lee Weaver]. I hope better.  Love Mae Wright [Mariam Mae Wright]”

Apparently, Spring of 1909 was not a good health time for the Lee women.  Great Great Grandmother Lee was only better and cousin Mae was sending wished that Great Grandmother Weaver was doing better.  Not sure what she meant by Grandpa Lee getting his place.  In 1909, Grandpa would have been turning 16 years old.  So, he would not have been moving into his own living quarters.  Possibly, Mae was referring to his place on the Great Lakes Steamer for the summer or his place in Business School.



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Easter Greetings – 1910


Easter Greetings. 

Post marked Redford, Mich.  Mar 23, 1910.  Addressed to Mr. Lee Weaver, C.B.C Ypsilanti, Mich.

“Dear Cousin Lee, How are you.  I am well and so are all. When ate you going on the boat?  Stella [Estelle Wright] said you was going back.  Are you coming out to Grandma’s [Esther Jenks Lee] Easter?  Wishing you a Joyful Easter.  Your Cuz, Mae [Marian Mae Wright]”

In 1910, Grandpa Lee was attending Cleary Business College in Ypsilanti.  Summers, he was still working on the Great Lakes steamers.  Stella and Mae were sisters and daughters of Great Grandmother Weaver’s [Effie Lee Weaver] sister, Marietta Lee Wright.  Stella was one year, to the day, younger than Grandpa.  Mae was two years younger than her older sister.  Both appear in numerous post cards over the years.  Esther Jenks Lee was the mother of both Effie and Marietta.



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A Joyous Eastertide – 1919


A Joyous Eastertide.  Stecher Litho, Rochester, N.Y.  Series 507A.  Made in U.S.A.

Post marked Columbus, Ohio.  Apr 16, 1919.  Addressed to Mrs. Lee G. [Florence Koontz] Weaver, 92 Tireman Av. Detroit, Mich.

“Dear Florence,  This is some Easter weather.  Hope you are well.  Harold [Spuhler] has been here since Sunday.  Got a letter from Billy [William P. Koontz] he is getting better.  Mother [Phebie Ann Gardner Koontz]”

Great Grandma Koontz packed a lot of information into a few sentences.   In 1919, Uncle Harold was just cousin Harold (½ first cousin, once removed).    He and Aunt Essie Koontz, Grandma’s sister, were married in 1923.   There was a lot of visits between the Koontz children and the Spuhler household over the years (a number of newspaper accounts of visits).  Uncle Bill, Grandma’s younger brother, came back from Europe after World War I with an infirmity.



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Wishing a Joyous Easter for You! – 1919


Wishing a Joyous Easter for You!   E-145.  Made in the U.S.A.

Post marked Chicago, Ill.  Apr 19, 1919.  Addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Lee [& Florence Koontz] Weaver, 92 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Mich.

“4/19/19  Dear Cousins,  Will B home in a few days – will write then.  I feel ashamed for not doing so B4.  Cousin, Fay. [Dwight Fay Koontz]”

Grandma Florence’s cousin, Fay was the son of Orrin Deforest Koontz, the brother of her father Casmear (aka C,P.) Koontz.     Fay was an infrequent visitor to Lee and Florence’s home over the years, but he and Grandma kept in contact.  There are photographs of Grandpa Lee and Fay together in their WW I Army uniforms.

Note the use of text shorthand in 1919 – almost 100 years B4 the use of text messaging.



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