A Merry Christmas


A Merry Christmas.  

No post mark [not mailed].  No addressee.

“Hellow Lee [Lee G Weaver],  Now when you get this dollar, don’t you go and get that girl of yours something with it.  You put it in the bank or get something you need with it.  I would if I got something and sent it but I have been sick with the gripa for two weeks and did not get any shopping done.  Love to all.  Auntie Rinehart [Christiana Weaver Rinehart].  Come down when you can.”

Aunt Teen, Great Grandfather Lemuel Weaver’s sister, married Uncle Charlie Schwartz in 1913, so this Christmas Greeting predates 1913.

Why Christmas Cards in May?  Simple.  This is the end of Grandpa Lee’s Post Card Collection.  I have posted all but these last few on this blog.  I will complete the collection in the next couple of weeks, send it off to be printed, and pick a new topic to blog in early June.  But until then, Merry Christmas!



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Birthday Greetings


Birthday Greetings.  O let me be the first to say: I wish thee joy on thy birthday; may only good things come thy way.   B-198.  Made in U.S.A.

No post mark [not mailed].  No addressee [message covers both sides of card]

“Dear Florence [Florence Koontz Weaver], I have been going to send you a card all the week but forgot it.  It will be like the letter you sent me and I suppose you know Gardner [Charles Gardner Griste] and Ethel [Ethel Jeannette Koontz Griste] has Scarlet Fever by this Mrs. Griste [Jessie Rooney Griste]  is there.  This has been a rainy and cold day.  I have been cleaning house this week.  I hope Ethel and Gardner won’t be bad if you had been here I might go up and if she gets bad and they want me to go I will go up wishing you a happy birthday.  Will write later.   Billy [William Peter Koontz] is still in.  He is out of the H now.   From Mother [Phebie Ann Gardner Koontz]”

Great Grandmother Koontz really knew how to write a birthday card!  Everyone survived the Scarlet Fever — Aunt Ethel, Grandma Florence’s sister, lived until 1969.  Gardner, Ethel’s son, lived until 1998.   Uncle Bill, Grandma’s brother, did finally make it back to Columbus.  Jessie Rooney Griste was Aunt Ethel’s mother in law.

Based on the news supplied in this note, I am guessing this card came in 1918 or 1919.



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Birthday Greetings –

Birthday0036Birthday Greetings.  My very best wishes for your welfare, I send you for your birthday.  B-172.  Made in U.S.A.

No post mark [not mailed]  No addressee [message covers both sides of card]

“Dear Lee [Lee G. Weaver], Wishes for many happy birthdays.  This has been a gloomy day, hoping you are all well.  Aunt Teen [Chirstiana Weaver Rinehart Schwartz] has not been well but is better.  She has been to town every week asking treatment for her throat. As ever, Mother [Effie Lee Weaver]”

I have no idea when Great Grandmother Weaver sent this to Grandpa Lee.



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A Birthday Greeting – 1918


A birthday greeting.  I send this little bird of blue across the miles to say: I wish you wealth, I wish you health and happiness alway.  7262.  Gibson Lines. Published by the Gibson Art Company – Cincinnati.

 Post marked Columbus, Ohio.  May 15,  1918, 11:39 PM.  Addressed to Mrs. L. G. [Lee G. / Florence Koontz] Weaver, 92 Tireman Av, Detroit Av [stamped INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS, then in a different handwritting, Mich.]

“Dear Florence, Just came home from up town and was else about – good things.  I do hope you have got them by this time they tuck noting and wold get tracers after them.  From Mother [Phebie Ann Gardner Koontz] [written up the side] Billy [William Peter Koontz] did not pass get still in Cin.   [Then, upside down, across the top] I was talking wth J.W., he ses he will take ford back rest a way.”

Great Grandmother Koontz must have sent something to Grandma Florence for her birthday, May 18th.  Uncle Bill, Grandma’s brother, seems to have been stuck in Cincinnati.



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May Your Birthday … – 1918


May your birthday be as happy as a bluebird’s song in spring.  2262.  Gibson Lines.  Published by the Gibson Art Company, Cincinnati.

Post marked Columbus, Ohio.  May 16, 1918, 11:30 PM.  Addressed to Mr. L. G. [Lee G.] Weaver, 92 Tireman Av, Detroit, Ohio  Mich,

“Best wishes from Mother Koontz [Phebie Ann Gardner Koontz].  [Then written up the side of the card]  Billy [William Peter Koontz] will be home Thursday.   [Then written upside down across the top]  Did not pop.”

Birthday greetings from Great Grandmother Koontz to her new son-in-law, Grandpa Lee. With added bits of news.  Uncle Bill, Grandma Florence’s brother, was due back home in Columbus on Thursday.   And not sure what did not pop.



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Just to wish you … – 1918


Just to wish you the happiest birthday in the world — that’s all!    Gibson Lines.  61037.  Produced by the Gibson Art Company – Cincinnati

Post marked Columbus, Ohio. May 15, 1918, 11:30 PM, Addressed to Mrs. Lee G. [Florence Koontz] Weaver, 92 Tireman Ave.  Detroit, Mich.

“Many returns of the day.  Bill [William P. Koontz] failed again in Cleveland O. will return tomorrow.  I am up now.   Heinie [Henry Allen Koontz]”

In 1918, Grandma Florence would be celebrating her 23rd birthday and her first being married.    Uncles Bill and Heine were her brothers still living in Columbus.  Uncle Bill was attempting to volunteer for the Army in WW I.


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Many Happy Years to You


Many Happy Years to You.  “Greeting” Series Number 889.  Copyrighted 1911, by J. J. Marks, N.Y.

No post mark [not mailed].  Addressed to Mr. Lee Weaver, 94 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Michigan.

“Many Happy Returns of the day to you, Cousin.  Clare {Clare Levern Wright].”

Clare Levern Wright was the son of Great Grandmother Effie Lee Weaver’s sister, Marietta Lee Wright.

The postage stamp are states:  Place Stamp Here.  Domestic Canada Great Britain Germany One Cent. Foreign Two Cents.   Interesting that Germany has been included with domestic postage.


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