Grandpa’s Cousin’s Husband’s Birthday


135 years ago (1883) today, Joseph George Jones was born in Troy, Michigan, the son of Major George Jones and Ellen Augusta Schuyler.    On 25 September 1913, he married, Irene Mae Jenks, the daughter of Oliver Torrey Jenks and Evelyn Roselia Seymour.   Irene and my grandfather, Lee Goodliff Weaver,  were first cousins, once removed.  Grandpa and Irene were separated by age by less than a month and were in constant communication in their youth.   Going back in this blog to where I posted Grandpa’s entire post card collection, you will find a number of post cards from Irene to Grandpa.  Joseph died 19 December 1966 in Pasadena, California.  Cousin Irene, born 3 June 1893 in Southfield, Michigan, died 7 November 1977 in Merced, California.    Photographs provided by Charlene Olivia Jones Lerch.

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Anniversary of 5 Times Great Grandparents.

It 256 years ago (1762) that my 5 times great grandparents, Nathaniel White, Jr. and Mehitable Morey were married in Norton, Massachusetts.  Grandmother Mehitable was born 26 April 1737 in Norton to Thomas and Lydia Hall Morey.  She died 3 August 1814.   Grandfather Nathaniel was born 6 July 1744 in Norton to Nathaniel and Sarah Thrasher White.  He died 24 February 1828.  Grandfather served as a sergeant in Capt. Silas Cobb’s Company and also Col. Timothy Walker’s regiment of the Massachusetts Muster during the American Revolutionary War.   He is one of my ancestors that I am in the process of submitting as a Supplemental for my Sons of the American Revolution membership.

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Effie and Lemuel Sitting in a tree or out of their tree ???


Effie Clarissa Lee


Lemuel Weaver

On this day, 127 years ago (1891) in Norfolk, Madison Co, Nebraska, my great grandparents, Lemuel Weaver and Effie Clarissa Lee were married.   [The above are their wedding day portrait photographs]  Lemuel was the son of Goodliff Weaver (born Gottlieb Weber) and Anne Lane and was born on 26 August 1857 in Perry Co, Ohio.  Effie was the daughter of Charles Norton Lee and Esther Jenks and was born on 3 August 1859 in Southfield, Oakland Co, Michigan.    Grandmother Weaver was in Nebraska living with  her aunt, Minerva Jenks Barnes Bolton.

Family lore is that both Grandfather and Grandmother Weaver were working in the local asylum which immediately was modified to they “met and married in an insane asylum” .    Soon after they were married, they moved to Columbus, Ohio, where their son, Lee Norton Goodliff Weaver was born in 1893.  The family then relocated to Michigan.   For a time they were living with Grandmother Weaver’s parents, Charles and Esther Lee in the house built by Grandmother Lee’s father, Morris Jenks.


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Uncle Willy …


Lewellyn Lee (16 Jun 1862-29 Jul 1917)

It was 101 years ago (1917) today, that Uncle Willy, Lewellyn Lee, passed away at the age of 55 in Southfield, Oakland County Michigan.  He was born 16 June 1862, also in Southfield and lived his entire life in that township.  He was the only son of Charles Norton and Esther Jenks Lee.  Uncle Willy always lived on his parents’ farm.  First on that of the Lee family and then after his mother and father took on the farm of his grandfather, Morris Jenks, that became his home.   After the passing of his father, Charles, in 1905 he ran the farm with his mother Esther who lived until 1918.


1905 – Home Built by Morris Jenks.

This is 1905, before the death of GG Grandfather Charles Lee.  Behind the fence is GG Grandfather Charles and GG Grandmother Esther Jenks Lee and Bob, the dog.  Standing in the open gate is Uncle Willy holding the family horse, Traveler.    Apparently, the Lee family liked to name their horses the same.   The house is still standing and occupied.

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Anniversary of 6 times great grandparents!

Today marks the 292nd anniversary (1726) of my 6 times great grandparents, Samuel Botsford and Hannah (Prindle) Smith at First Church in New Haven, Connecticut.  From The Botsford Genealogy, The Line of Samuel, 1.1.30, Vol 1, Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore, 1977, p 48:

Samuel Botsford, son of Samuel Botsford and Hannah (Camp) Botsford, b. 1702, d. 1783, will dated 5 Apr. 1780, m. 26 or 27 July 1725/26, his first cousin, Hannah (Prindle) Smith, widow of Nathaniel Smith, dau. of John Prindle and Hannah (Botsford) Prindle, b. 4 Dec. 1700, d, 1783.


  1. Nehemiah, b. 2 Mar. 1727, m. Mercy Johnson
  2. Sarah, b. 7 Jul. 1728, m. Samuel Bassett, Jr.
  3. Mary, b. 10 Jan. 1729, m. Abiel Camp
  4. Hannah, b. 19 Apr. 1731, m. Eli Hawkins
  5. Samuel, b. 2 Jan. 1733, m. Elizabeth Watkins
  6. John, b. 23 Apr.  1734, m. Dorcas Warren and Rachel Murray
  7. Gamaliel, b. 13 May 1736, unm.
  8. Esther, b. 7 Jan. 1738
  9. Eunice, b. 26 Apr. 1741 (or 1739 Derby records), m. Lieut. Jabez Pritchard and Elisha Steele
  10. Ruth, b. 16 May 1742, m. Eleazer Hawkins

10 children over a 15 year period!  Their 6th child, John and his first wife, Dorcas, were my next generation ancestors.

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Off the direct ancestor trail …



Austin T. Jenks is my first cousin, 4 times removed.   Our most recent common ancestors (MRCA) were Laban and Prudence White Jenks.  Austin was born 22 July 1834 in New York, the son of Seth and Levinia Jenks Jenks (yes, his mother was also a Jenks — parents were second cousins).  He married Adelaide C Reed on 18 October 1858.   Cousin, Austin died 14 December 1912 in Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Happy Anniversary to 8th Great Grandparents!

Today marks the 348th anniversary of the wedding of Jonathan Sprague and Mehitable Holbrook in Providence, Rhode Island.    Jonathan was born 28 May 1648 in Hingham, Massachusetts and died 1 March 1741 in Providence, Rhode Island,   Mehitable, the daughter of William Holbrook and Elizabeth Pitts, was born 29 June 1649 in Weymouth, Massachusetts and died 7 January 1710 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Their daughter, Patience, married William Jenks.

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